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Shanghai Canbi Pharma Ltd. was established in Shanghai, the economic center of China, which is also the center of China's biopharmaceutical and chemical industries. We are mainly engaged in pharmaceutical raw materials and chemicals, as well as comprehensive consulting services in the pharmaceutical field. We have our own chemical R&D centers and production site in Chongqing and Guizhou, which can provide about 200 varieties ranging from kilogram to tonnage. At the same time, the company has many years of experience in import and export trade, and has established a highly advantageous supply chain channel in India and the European Union. In our import and export business, we can provide more than 300  APIs and thousands of chemicals.
Shanghai Canbi Pharma Ltd. is also one of the first Chinese companies to start commercial import of Reference Listed Drugs(RLDs). We immediately began to provide RLDs import services for major domestic pharmaceutical companies after the No.120 Announcement of China Food and Drug Administration in 2016. We have provided this service to more than 100 domestic pharmaceutical companies, involving more than 100 varieties, covering a variety of dosage forms such as oral preparations and injections. The product sources include the United States, the European Union and Japan.
In our various businesses, customers include several TOP10 domestic pharmaceutical companies, as well as internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies, CROs, CMOs, etc. In the process of cooperating with these respected enterprises, we have deeply realized that in the process of enterprise survival and development, reputation is the fundamental; quality and efficiency are the key. We will, as always, focus on products and focus on customer service. Make unremitting efforts to optimize the supply chain of customers, achieve a win-win situation, and create value!
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